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Jon Stetson knows what you are thinking!

He will give you the secrets to keeping a clear head in all situations. As an interactive motivational speaker, he will teach you to dive deep into your lifelong well of knowledge to greatly improve your comprehension in business and personal situations. Improved listening skills, enhanced observation skills and being able to master what he calls “A Blinding Glimpse of the Obvious,” will make you a more powerful negotiator, salesperson or manager. 

“You are nothing short of great. Your style is so calm and engaging when staff or attendees interact with you one-on-one. Your style on stage is energetic, exciting, enthralling, spellbinding humor and just all-around unbelievably great. Who could ask for more? A perfect fit for the meeting.”

American Society of Association Executives



Invest in your Lifetime of Experience

You know the answer you are looking for, find it!

An Exciting fast-paced program where participants learn to live there own potential through a fascinating series of entertaining “Mind Hacks.” Jon delivers a skill set guaranteed to enhance the quality of attendee's professional and personal lives.

The Power Engagement – Empower Your Comprehension.

Jon Stetson will expose his secrets to teach you and your attendees to, connect with others, forge alliances, increase understanding, explore options, resolve difficulties, create plans, establish milestones, anticipate success, and strengthen relationships. The power of listening is the source of all you learn! Join Jon as he pushes you to learn on a whole new level.

Put Your Path in Perspective: See Your “Obvious” Road to Success

You will leave Jon’s keynote with a clear picture of your success. When you stop being overly concerned with where you are in the moment, you will recognize how far you have come and you will shift to being present in each new moment. 

Your growth as a Leader and a person happens with everything that you do. Learning how to overcome the struggles of every day is the cornerstone of Jon’s training. 

The answer is right in front of you, all you need is a small glimpse and you will have ambition and drive.

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NEW FOR 2020: Join Jon's daily Facebook group for affirmations, confirmations & motivations! 

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“Jon Stetson is a dangerous man. I wish I had his skill set.”

– Warren Buffett

Jon Stetson has not only spent his life as a world-class entertainer, but he has also been a student of human behavior. Jon has an uncanny ability to predict what people are going to do and what they are thinking. He understands their experiences and their motivation. 

Over the past 25 years, Jon has shared thoughts and experiences with people all over the world, including, President Bush, President Carter, The King of Sweden, The Royal Family of Monaco, Bob Kraft & The New England Patriots, and many Fortune 1000 organizations.

Jon understands the meaning and importance of capturing the mindshare and heart share of your audience. After taking part in “The Stetson Experience”, you will look at life through a somewhat wider lens.



Jon Stetson

(617)- 875-9100

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